Friday, 24 August 2012

Buy British, get bargains

Continuing my Buy British theme which started the other day with Margaret Howell, it's time to share with you my edit of the Jaeger sale. Established in 1884, Jaeger is a stalwart of the British high street. Its name has always been synonymous with quality, and the focus from the very start has been on fabric, with a preference for using luxurious cloths such as merino wool, alpaca, camel hair and cashmere. Swoon! And they have adopted a signature colour palate, becoming known for their designs in hues of ivory, navy and black. Classic and quality - Jaeger we salute you.

So high quality can often bring high prices, especially when coupled with great design, but Jaeger has always remained at the more affordable end of designer fashion. And their sale is something to hold on for - there are now four days to go and prices are looking lovely. And their Autumn / Winter 2012 collection draws inspiration from Parisienne style icons, so keep your eyes peeled for more good things to come.

Their 125 year old archive means that vintage Jaeger pieces are often great finds, and is a label I see time after time in the chazzies - I've got three or four Jaeger dresses I've found in the charity shops, so it's always worth a rummage for a glimpse of that Jaeger label.

Here's what's on my wish list.

Clockwise from top left:
Mouline jumper, £99; Tweed pleated dress, £99; Olivia jersey dress, £60; Nina button back Breton, £75; Contrast and bow detail dress, £75; Lucy stripe midi skirt, £45; Small quilted bag, £60;  Honeycomb cardigan, £99; Beaded bib necklace, £45; Fulham skirt, £60.


  1. My Fulham skirt has just arrived and is pretty perfect xx

  2. Oh good! Mine arrived and it was a bit too short for me - so I'm back on the quest for a just above the knee a-line navy blue skirt. Let me know if you have any tip-offs. x