Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The weekend

The weekend was leisurely, making the most of the sunshine when it reared its head. Saturday involved a trip to the chazzies where I exacerbated the problem of my bulging necklace collection, and then added to it at the DP sale. Turns out that the necklace I bought at Dotty P's looks as good the wrong way round as the right way round - two for the price of one.

{jewellery from the Dotty P's sale}

{chazzy necklace and DP necklace reverse side}

We spent some time down at the allotment, where we're just starting to reap what we've sown. We had been intrigued by some huge green offshoots coming out the top of the garlic plants. Turns out that these are garlic scapes, which can be harvested before the rest of the plant (in fact, it's good to take them off, to get a better garlic bulb) and put to all sorts of uses. We decided to make ours into pesto.

{packed lunch at the allotment}

{garlic scapes}

{garlic scape pesto}

{harvested broad beans}

The broad beans and pesto have been frozen, to use at a later date. A break for the men's Wimbledon final followed, giving me a chance to use my latest china and pottery acquisitions: a small milk jug by Royal Albert, and a blue Polka dot dish from this shop in Devon. Plus the evening sunshine meant that a trip to the local pub was in order.

{strawberries and cream + Wimbledon}

{pizza and prosecco in a moment of sunshine}
Hope you all had a good weekend - not long until the next one.

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  1. Give me that jug! It's the same as my tea set, but I don't have a jug for it. Gimme gimme gimme.