Monday, 30 July 2012

Second chance sundress

I had found this dress in a chazzy for a fiver, just before the Jubilee, and pounced on it, thinking how very GB it was and perfect for some Jubilee fun. However, the weather meant that this dress didn't see the light of day.

{button fronted and fabric belt}

{Liberty-esque pattern: paisley with a touch of gold too}

But now the Olympics has given it a second chance of life, whilst we're all still feeling very patriotic after Danny Boyle's Olympic Opening Ceremony, and the weather is (more) on my side.

Here are a couple of other frocks if you fancy some red, white and blue styling opportunities. Don't forget to add some gold bling to represent all those medals we're going to be winning (no pressure Team GB, no pressure).

{Allie dress, £150.13, J.Crew}
{pencil dress in wallpaper print, £42 ASOS}

{classic shirtdress, £133.26, J.Crew}
{spotty print pencil dress, £42 ASOS}


  1. I love the dress, I love seeing what other people have bought in charity shops :)

    Rose x

  2. Thanks - yes me too - I seem to be on a lucky streak at the moment - long may it continue. x