Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Plümo sale edit

I've long been a fan of Plümo, and have been receiving their catalogue in the post for some years. It's always an exciting moment, leafing through their latest catalogue, seeing what they've got on offer each season.

The company started in 1997 and is London based, but what makes it different is that they source items from all over the world - items you wouldn't normally see on the high street. Their jewellery is particularly lovely - well made and designed using beautiful, quality materials, giving you something which you'll treasure for years. Plümo has long been a go-to life-saver for my mum, struggling to know what to buy me for birthdays and Christmases - I have some original pieces that always raise a comment, whenever I wear them.

But as well as the jewellery, their home range and fashion is also something special, especially if you like to have things that you won't see on every mantlepiece, or a dress that you can turn up at an event in, without worrying that someone else will also be wearing it.

And the best bit? Their sale. The reductions are good - worth holding out for. It's on now, so log on, have a browse, sign up for their catalogue, and let me know what your weakness is.

My home rage highlights:

{damask counterpane, £45}

My jewellery highlights:

{meteor necklace, £19}
{Paris earrings, £59}
{Matisse rings, £55}

My clothing highlights:

{Sylvie blouse, £65}
{Christina dress, £59}
{Eclipse dress, £45}


  1. ahhh, those Paris earrings - they need to be MINE!

  2. Thanks for the tip...lots of lovely items but an instant eye catcher for me is the ISIS necklace...devine!

  3. I loved that one too! But for some reason couldn't get the pic onto my blog. It's a beauty.