Tuesday, 17 July 2012

In the kitchen

I know - you'd have never thought you'd be in a situation where you'd be lusting after a mixing bowl. But British company Joseph Joseph will lure you into that realm. They caught me out with this steamer. I'll try steaming everything - it's my preferred cooking method, being quick and easy. But the old metal versions, whilst effective, always had that tricky moment working out how you get the steamer out of the saucepan without burning your fingers.

{full of promise}


Well, burnt fingers no more - this baby is a joy. I'm delighted.

Other than that, some new tea towels were a gift from some friends, and have brightened up the kitchen, and a new oven glove make it a hat-trick.

{new tea towels from Boo Vake - happy browsing of this lovely website}

And lastly, my new cut-glass tumblers from a vintage shop are making cocktail hour a dream.

{gin & tonic time}

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