Thursday, 5 July 2012

A fine mist

Now that we're being spoilt with the occasional glimpse of sunshine, I've turned my attention to one of my favourite summer products: a facial spritz.

A spritz is a facial cleanse equivalent of the "shower in a can" philosophy - a quick freshen up when you don't have time for the whole sink and water routine. But a facial spritz will also tone your skin and set your make-up. Depending on the formulation it may even lift your mood or calm your mind, with the help of some essential oils. Apply these products onto a cleansed skin, and/or after you've applied your make-up, and then at intervals throughout the boost, whenever you need a pick me up.

{my facial spritzes - I'm ready for summer}

{fine mist delivery by Liz Earle's Instant Boost Skin Tonic}

I've just tried the recently launched facial spritz by Liz Earle, who have produced a spray version of their much loved Instant Boost Skin Tonic (that's toner to you and me). It's great value at £13 for 200ml (there's also a handy travel size), and leaves your skin feeling fresher. It's flown straight to the number one spot for me. Packed full of hard working ingredients, such as vitamin E, aloe vera to soothe and moisturise the skin, it also contains lavender and sweet orange essential oils, to give your spirits a boost. And you can use it on the face and body, giving you an all over radiance. If you want to avoid a delivery fee when ordering online, pop along to John Lewis, where you'll most probably find a Liz Earle counter. For those of you who are keen to buy British, Liz Earle is the brand for you. Based on the Isle of Wight, all of their products are made in the UK, using natural ingredients.

My other recommendation would be Caudalie's Beauty Elixir, a company I really rate in the natural skincare department. They are a French company who use the bi-products of the wine-making industry in their products. Their main focus is on the anti-oxidant properties found in the grapes, and like Liz Earle, their focus is on natural, chemical-free products.

Beauty Elixir is a more glamourous affair, coming in a tactile glass bottle, which makes it a lovely present idea.  The glass bottle means you can actually see the essential oils forming a layer at the top of the liquid. Give the bottle a good shake before you spritz it over the face, neck and decollete. It really boosts radiance and also tightens pores, so this is a great product if large pores are a concern for you. The active ingredients are grape, orange blossom, rose, mint and rosemary. The essential oils combine to give a really refreshing and uplifting fragrance, with a top note of mint. It's a great product for men to use after shaving. Available here, or from your nearest John Lewis or Space NK.

Two other products worthy of a mention - Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray and Evian Water Facial Spray are both excellent at delivery instant refreshment - good options for your beach bag. They won't deliver radiance or give you a boost like the Liz Earle or Caudalie products, but they will sooth and hydrate, and are a fraction of the price.


  1. Brilliant - I'm getting that Caudalie mist for my pregnant friend - been wondering what to get her as a little treat for ages. Thank you!

  2. Hi Ms Lemonade. I am a huge fan of your fashion & beauty blog so could think of no one better to ask for beauty regime advice.
    I am a classic english rose with lots of freckles & copper red hair who can burn even on a mild british summers day. I have combination skin suffering oiliness & blackheads in my T zone so I tend to pick oil free products with spf 15-30.
    At present I use Elemis skin care products which I have loved since a devine facial in my late 20's. But of late I have started to notice some deep wrinkles appearing on my brow, frown & laughter line area which are starting to persist even at rest.
    My current regime includes Elemis tri-enzyme facial wash daily, Elemis lime blossom cleanser & lavender toner 3+ weekly, pro collagen marine cream & pro collagen eye serum twice daily. I also have an occasional Elemis papaya enzyme peel & deep cleansing lavender masks (which are gorgeous and must be tried)
    I am currently in my early thirties and feel my skin is changing and perhaps deserves a new skin care regime. Given your extensive knowledge & dedication to exploring beauty products I would really value your opinion. Laura xx
    Oh ....any tips on an oil free tinted moisturiser with spf as my laura mercier is about to run out