Friday, 22 June 2012

Necklace DIY: part 2

When I was having a go at my neon necklace makeover the other day, I had intended to spray this necklace too. So I started covering the metal chains, because I was going to leave these silver, but the more I looked at this necklace, the more I started to think that it would be better to give it a different kind of makeover. 

{£4 chazzy necklace}

{close up}

So I removed the chains instead, because they looked a bit cheap, deciding to replace them with a fabric tie - the choice came down to the green ribbon or the gold silk chord in the picture below. I went for the green ribbon, but might get some yellowish-green velvet ribbon and see how that looks too. Still, I'm happy with the green for now, and pleased I didn't spray it. The actual necklace part is too intricate and detailed for that.

{ribbon decisions...}

{the finished necklace}

I rounded off the evening with a drink at our local. 21st June is my favourite day of the year - it stays light so late, so I was determined to go and have a drink outside in the intermittent sunshine and showers. And it also happens to be my mum's birthday - couldn't be with mum yesterday, but we toasted her anyway.

{happy birthday JP x}

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