Thursday, 21 June 2012

Necklace DIY: part 1

As I mentioned in my last post, I've developed a necklace addiction. I can't stop buying them, whether from the high street or chazzies, which have proven to be a very rich hunting ground. And now I'm even making them. And so I thought I'd share the results of my endeavours with you.

I've been feeling like getting a little crafty in the last few days. I was inspired by the neon necklace I bought from Zara. I'm a big fan of spray paint - it's an easy transformation for almost any item - and so I went on the hunt for a cheap necklace to give a neon makeover to.  I found a necklace for £3 in a chazzie, which was an old one from M&S, which I thought was a perfect candidate.

I wanted to keep the clasp silver, so I wrapped it tightly with clingfilm. Then I started spraying. I sprayed outside, but if you're going to do this, make sure there's no wind, otherwise you'll have no control over where the paint is going. Also, make sure that your house windows and doors are closed, because the fumes travel further than you think. 

£3 chazzy necklace}

{close up}

{clasp wrapped in clingfilm}

The secret is to do lots of fine coats of paint, making sure that each coat of paint dries properly before you go for the next one. 

{necklace sprayed with paint}

You need to spray both side of the necklace, but when I turned mine over, I really liked the effect already created. A diffused layer of paint had crept over all the edge of the necklace, giving a dappled neon effect. Liked it. So didn't spray any more. And might just wear it the "wrong" way round all the time. Then I gave the necklace a spray each side with a quick coat of spray varnish, left it to dry, and ta-da, it was done.

{finished necklace}

{reverse side}


  1. WOW! Totally gorgeous and amazing xxxx

  2. Giz one of your old necklaces Jonesy, and I"ll spray it for you. xx