Sunday, 20 May 2012

Something for the precious

I like to live an ordered life, and know where things are at all times. Especially things which are important to me, like jewellery. I've had one of these glass ring holders for years now, but broke it recently, and I've since been on the look out for a new one.

The chazzies are the best hunting ground for ring dishes like these, or antique shops. You do occasionally see modern versions of these dishes, but they always fall on the wrong side of tacky. Vintage is what you're after.

{my replacement}

{filled with rings}

I'd been looking for ages to find a replacement, and after I found this one above (for £1) I found three others in the same week - varying anything between £1 and £5.

This is always my default present when one of my friends gets engaged - pretty but practical - something to help keep "the precious", well, precious. I had to look long and hard to find this blue set below for a friend, and eventually found one in an antique shop. I paid a little bit more than usual, but it's a particularly lovely one, so I think it's worth it. There a little matching dish too, to keep your kirby grips and hair elastics in.

{engagement present}


  1. I've never been a fan of these, but the glass ones are pretty and having recently misplaced a pair of very special ear-rings I kind of see their value now. My MiL has horrid, prissy china ones which I loathe, but I think I may look out for something like this - or one of those little jewellery trees that look like an old-fashioned dress design mannequin (you know the ones in a shape of a Dior 50's dress, made from metal).

  2. Oh I know the feeling - I lost a much loved pair of earrings and was gutted. Emptied out every single bag hoping to find them but no joy. So yes, think that this could be a good solution for you. Hope you find one!