Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lost & found

I love the combination of grey and gold - with clothes, jewellery, interiors - it never fails to please. I had a much adored pair of grey and gold stud earrings, which I've lost. I've searched high and low, and given up hope. They were my go-to pair, so I've found a replacement - and they're serving me well so far. They have won plenty of compliments on every outing they've had. Well done earrings. They have 14k gold-plated silver posts (for the sensitive amongst you) and the stones are agate. The agate is described as purple on the website, but go and have a look in the shop - they really vary in colour - anything from dark grey to a creamy white.

{Callisto post earrings, £38 Anthropologie}

Anthropologie does a great range of jewellery, which is more expensive, but definitely better quality and more unique than the rest of the high street. And the prices remain low enough to be budget friendly. It's worth having a browse - I've just fallen for these Lunar gleam earrings below - also available in blue or green.

{Lunar gleam earrings, £24 Anthropologie}

And here are some of the other offerings which caught my eye. And whilst we're on the subject of Anthropologie, it's worth having a look at their house & home section - it can be pricey, but it's a good place if you're in search of inspiration. And then there's always their sale...

{Muriel earrings, £28 Anthropologie}

{Kuychi necklace, £48 Anthropologie}

{Rugged glint drops, £28 Anthropologie}

{Fairburn necklace, £48 Anthropologie}

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