Thursday, 10 May 2012

I can't stand the rain

This rain looks here to stay. Which is a blow, because my hair and rain are not the best of friends in the frizz department.

I've tried hundreds of products out there to fight the frizz, and had some success recently, but the best solution is to keep your hair dry at all times. And unless you want to be a hostage in your own house, this means rain gear.

Not being a fan of  a kag-in-a-bag or anorak, I've gone down the hat route, and found this waterproof Trilby hat from M&S men's department which is worth its weight in gold.

{waterproof Trilby hat from M&S}
The drill is:

1. Wear a big scarf or shawl - smooth your hair down against your hair and shoulders, wrap your scarf snugly around your neck to cover your hair and keep it in place.

2. Put your coat or jacket on top to keep the scarf in place and secure.

3. Pull on your Trilby.

4. Put your umbrella up and off you go.

They don't do the exact same hat as mine anymore at M&S, but this one is very similar.

{water-repellent checked Trilby hat, £15 M&S}

Everyone has their own frizz-fighting routine though, and my stylish friend Liverpool Lou cuts a dash in a silk headscarf. Very chic. And seeing as it's a look favoured by The Queen, and it's The Queen's Jubilee this year and all... well yes, I agree, would be a kind of homage to Her Majesty. How very fitting.

How would you wear yours? These ladies below are making the look their own - in fact, Audrey Hepburn probably invented this look. She wears it well.

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