Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Flea market finds

It was a busy weekend of birthday celebrations, couple with many happy hours spent chazzing and flea marketing. As a special treat, my lovely friend Bob introduced me to a flea-market near to where she lives. As well as the photos below, I got two lampshades, and a hand-embroidered tablecloth. Here's a little show and tell.

{navy blue snakeskin clutch by Bally}

{once, twice, three times a bargain}

{navy blue and white leather heels by Russell & Bromley}

{brown leather mid-heels by Bruno Magli}

{tan and cream leather sling-backs by Bruno Magli}

If you ever come across Bruno Magli shoes then snap them up - I already own one pair, and they're great quality and always a lovely shape. They often have a slightly lower heel too, so manage to stay comfortable whilst still looking glamourous. Then we ended the day with a toast to our flea market finds. All in a day's work.

{well done us}

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  1. That bag is gorgeous. Can I borrow it please? I also like the Russell and Bromley shoes! x