Saturday, 7 April 2012

Slightly soiled

I am am clumsy eater. White tops and me don't mix. And I was staying at my mother-in-law's when I typically launched my dinner down my top - can't remember what we were eating, but it was something devilish in the staining stakes. Red wine probably. A quick response followed, and my top went into the machine, with stain remover, in a flash.

The next day, out came the top, and on close inspection, a faint stain still remained. And then here's where it went weird - my mother-in-law said "don't worry, I'll put it on the line, the air will take it out".

The air will take it out? The air? The air will take out that stain? Funny. Don't think so.

Well, she was right. And I've just tried it again with this top, which I got spag bol down. It's my favourite stripey top, which I bought in the Jigsaw sale, and goes with maybe every single other item I own. It came out of the wash, still with a stain on.

{stripey top, Jigsaw}

So, I put it on the line, and that's right, the air took it out. Don't banish your stained tops to the bin before you've tried this trick.

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