Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mellow Yellow

{my yellow haul}

I like to wear yellow as a bold hit of colour, often as part of a more subdued outfit. I have a couple of go to items which I have on stand-by for such occasions: my woven-leather shoulder bag (Topshop), my cropped jacket (charity shop) and my Richard Allen silk patterned scarf (charity shop). The charity shops are a great place to go and bag yourself a slice of yellow, as it's a favoured colour in the "Granny chic" palette, that so often ends up in the chazzies. 

The thing about yellow, is that it goes with everything. And even the smallest item can have the power to make an outfit. Also it goes brilliantly with bright red or pink lipstick, and bright red or pink nails. Pictures from the recent round of fashion weeks have shown a trend towards like-minded thinkers in terms of my yellow strategy - here are a few pictures to give you a flavour:

For those of you who might want to take on yellow in a more full-on way, here are some high-street options:

{jersey blazer, £49.99 Zara}

{jewel tulle prom dress, £225 Topshop}

{boyfriend roll-up shorts, £17.46 GAP}

{tank t-shirt, £15.99 Zara}
{cotton circle skirt, £69 Cos}

{large raw tote handbag, £85 John Lewis}

{silk safari tank, £45 Banana Republic}

And for those of you who are fancying a more strategic approach, here are some great options for a flash of colour, whatever your outfit:

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  1. I'm a granny who LOVES yellow, my favourite colour in the whole wide world, so really enjoyed this one Hol. Off to grab myself that River Island scarf! Ade xx