Thursday, 26 April 2012

Made by hand

If there's one thing I can't resist, it's something that's made by hand. Whether it's a dress, a cake or a greetings card, the home-made edge gets me every time.

I was browsing in a local charity shop when I spied this dress. I don't wear a lot of pattern (I'm not including stripes in the pattern category of course. Stripes are not a pattern, they are a UNIFORM) but there was something very appealing about this dress. And when I saw the words "made by hand" on the label, I was sold. For £3, I'd challenge anyone not to succumb. 

{vintage dress, made by hand}

{covered buttons}

{a fabric belt helps to give it some shape}

Those of you who read my recent blog post Mellow Yellow will know that I am currently embracing yellow in all my outfits. I'll wear this dress with flat navy knee-high boots and a navy blue jacket for work, and dress it up in the evening with a pair of grey suede platforms, blue patterned Liberty shawl and blue clutch bag, red nails and red lipstick. Pile on some gold jewellery and I'm good to go.

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