Monday, 23 April 2012

Hell for leather

{handbags at fashion week}

A leather handbag is an essential part of my everyday outfit. Usually quite a large one, and always, always leather. And that's because it'll last you for years, with a little TLC. So, always go for a classic shape, and you'll have an accessory for life. There are lots of leather treatment products on the market, and I do think they make a difference - your handbag can bear the brunt of some pretty harsh weather. Don't shove your handbag in the back of the wardrobe after it's been out in the rain - make sure it dries out properly and give it a little polish if you can summon up the inclination.

Here are some classic high-street handbags to tempt you - I've tried to keep them all under £100, so the GAP one is a little over, but sign-up to their newsletters and wait for a 30% off voucher.

{Autograph leather panelled bag in coral, £85 M&S}
also available in tan

{textured leather zip hobo bag, £120 GAP}
also available in black

also available in black

available in yellow, green and coral too

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