Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A shirtwaister dress

{on the catwalk at Daks}
{shirtwaister dress}

These photos struck a chord with me recently, and started me on a quest to find something similar. And then when I was in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago, I heard they'd opened an Anthropologie - I was there in a flash. My love for this shop is strong. And there I spied this navy dress - there was an instant attraction - and it's been on my mind ever since.

{shirtdress, £138 Anthropologie}

There are loads of vintage dress patterns out there, for anyone clever enough to make their own, or if the thought of that is too much, I found a few other alternatives below. I ordered the GAP dress in grey, for 19.99 in the sale, and am very pleased with it... although my heart still belongs to the one from Anthropologie.

And the GAP dress has excellent pockets, which always earns extra points with me. Sleeves can be worn rolled up (perhaps with a long-sleeved stripey t-shirt underneath) and with heels or flats. All in all, a very versatile dress. I might replace the buttons though, to something darker.

{grey GAP dress}

{pockets - bonus!}

Some vintage dress patterns...

{belted shirt dress, £65 Warehouse}

{spiraea shirtdress, £138 Anthropologie}

{sahara dress, 85 Monsoon}

These last two dresses look a bit safari-esque, but replace the belt with a more formal, leather style, and it'll nip that look in the bud before you can say "lions and tigers and bears, oh my". 

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