Monday, 26 March 2012

Shades, bins, gigs

In other words - sunglasses. The weather is on our side, and yes it is March, but yes, it's sunglasses season already. Happy days.

I am very happy with my trusty Ray-Ban aviators, which Popeye brought back for me when he was in the States with work, but in the UK now they cost a small fortune. And the thing with spending a fortune on sunglasses, is that these fellas are the easiest thing to lose, and when you've spent a fortune, the loss seems all the harder.

But, having a peruse of the sunglasses stands in Accessorize, Boots and the like this weekend, the sunglasses just look and feel cheap - the creaky hinges and bendy, scratchy plastic are not the most comfortable thing to wear. So I moved on to Jigsaw, Whistles and the new accessory range by Kurt Geiger, where for a bit more money, you get solid, smooth plastic with a secure hinge, and a good choice of styles. I like these three below.
{black ultra cat's eye sunglasses, £45 Whistles}
{Frances mirror sunglasses, £60 KG}
{Holly sunglasses, £45 Jigsaw}
But the best option by far is TK Maxx - there's always a good choice, any time of year. I found this Loewe pair below for £19.99, and after enough scrabbling around, also located the matching polish cloth and case. And the advantage over the aviators is that you can push these onto your head without the nose supports getting into an almighty tangle in your hair.

No more squinting - get out into the sunshine.

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