Monday, 6 February 2012

Silk scarf sucker

I'm sucker for a silk scarf. Every vintage shop, market or charity shop I go in will see me rummaging in the basket of silk scarves at some point in the proceedings. I've unearthed some excellent specimens in my time, including ones from Liberty, Jaeger and Pucci, each for a whole shiny pound.

So over time, I have amassed quite a collection. Realising that my admiration for these smooth, silky numbers had reached overwhelming proportions, I decided to think of a good use to put these scarves to. And that, my friend, is drawstring bags.

{two examples of my handywork}
Theses are really easy to make - mainly because the scarves have finished edges, so you don't have to hem the fabric.

A scarf will usually make two bags - here's how:

+ iron your scarf and lay it flat
+ your scarf will usually be a square shape - cut down the centre so you end up with two rectangular shaped pieces - each piece will make a bag
+ you will have one long edge of the rectangular piece of fabric with a raw edge, with the other 3 sides already hemmed
+ the un-hemmed edge will form your drawstring channel
+ fold over the un-hemmed edge by 2.5cm, to give a 2cm channel for your drawstring, plus 0.5cm seam allowance
+ stitch along your un-seemed edge, to make a 2cm channel

{sew a channel for your ribbon}

+ fold the fabric in two, right sides facing in, with the drawstring channel at the top - sew together the three remaining sides

{sew up the three remaining sides}
+ turn the bag in on itself, so that it's the right way out
+ thread a ribbon in a contrasting colour through the drawstring channel, and knot the ends

{thread your ribbon through and knot the ends}
And the beauty of using a silk is that when you cut your scarf, the edge won't fray, so double hemming your raw edge isn't necessary.

I use these bags for all sorts of things - when I'm going away, I use the bags to pack my underwear in, and I also use them instead of wrapping paper for gifts.

And the totally quick and easy use for these is to use a silk scarf like a piece of wrapping paper, and use it to wrap a present with, keeping the fabric in place with a ribbon, or string, tied around it like a parcel.



  1. You will be totally proud to hear I still use mine, to store Liz Earle face cloths.
    coley x

    1. Well done Colonel, you could make a much better version of the one I made you, being talented in the sewing field and all that. You on the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish then? Stay tuned for a post about an excellent cleanser which I think is right up your street... xxx

  2. Liz Earle is my new religion frankly. I'm obsessive over shampoo ingredients now and her one ticks the right boxes. I await your intstructions on the cleanser but you've got a challenge on your hands to prize me away from Liz...