Saturday, 4 February 2012

Liberty shawls

Liberty. It's one of my favourite shops. For browsing more than buying, but it's a joy nonetheless.

So, which department's my favourite? A tricky one - the beauty department can see me entertained for hours. And then there's the haberdashery and fabric departments, where I can wander for an eternity, in a trance-like state.

I love the fabric designs - colourful, bold and distinctive. I had been lusting after the shawls for some time, when I came across one in a charity shop - the one in the photo, on the left. Couldn't quite believe my luck. I wear it all the time - am rarely seen without one of these corkers - and this one receives a lot of compliments.

{Liberty shawl hattrick}

So they say luck comes in threes, and when I moved to a new town, whilst I was looking for a job, I did some volunteering at my local Oxfam. I was only there a few weeks (because I then found a job), but I used to called in after I'd left, to say hello. One time, I was wearing my Liberty shawl, and the Manager, went into the back, came out with shawl number two - "do you like this scarf? It's really like the one you've got on." Erm, yes. Yes I do like it very much indeed - how many pennies? £6.95? Thanking you kindly.

Then shawl number three - I spied that in the charity shop, when I was taking in a donation, for £4.95. And the lady who donated that very shawl was browsing in the shop when I bought it, and we had a good old chat about the fabulousness of Liberty.

Get scouring your local chazzy for some Liberty treasures - and eBay makes good hunting ground too.

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