Saturday, 11 February 2012

Form a Kew

Oh will you look at my lovely new candle, from the Kew Royal Botanical Gardens range. It's a new range, with some fab fragrances, like Pear, Hyacinth and Coriander.

{Kew Royal Botanical Gardens candle}

Liverpool Lou found this one in the sale at Utility (for those of you who aren't Liverpool based, they've just opened a shop in King's Cross in London. And for the rest of you, the website is brilliant). 

{sale bargain from Utility}
And they can still be found in the sale from the website Home In Dartmouth for £12.99. Although at full price they're not much more at £15.95 from Wild Hart, and when you compare that to the price of some other candles on the market, I reckon that's pretty good.

{comes with matches}

{nice packaging}

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