Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Outfit inspiration: Clemence Posey

Erm, have you ever, EVER seen a bad picture of this girl? Does she ever put a foot wrong?

There I was, reading my Instyle magazine the other day, and minding my own business, when I turned the page, saw this outfit and let out a little gasp.

{Clemence Poesy}

I love this outfit - the simplicity of it, the classic style, and ability to work for day or night, work or play.

I ran upstairs as quick as my little legs could carry me, to dig out a jacket I had bought from a charity shop, but had felt little compelled to wear. This was its moment - it had simply been biding its time.

Then, as I hunted through my wardrobe, searching for my mid-thigh, black a-line skirt from Zara, it dawned on my that somewhere at the back of my mind, I remembered thinking about throwing it out. And this is what I must have done because it is nowhere to be found. Why I ever entertained the idea of throwing away such a classic, staple wardrobe item, I do not know - I think I must have been in a strong knee and midi length phase, and the idea of wearing something above the knee ever again seemed alien.

Tragedy aside, I battled on and I have cut down and hemmed one of my many black knee length skirts to take its place, and teamed it with the jacket, and a grey marl t-shirt from H&M, which is one of the single most useful pieces of clothing I own, at a happy £6.99.

{Windsmoor jacket from charity shop, necklace from Jigsaw}

Now, when I saw this outfit in my magazine, they had chopped off her feet ("off with her feet!") and so I imagined that she was wearing this outfit with a black, flat ballet pump, or similar. Which led me to put a twist on the outfit, and combine it with my new leopard print pumps (Christmas present from my brother, thanking you kindly). So flat shoes or heels, the choice is yours - both look great.

{Outfit with leopard print pumps}

A bold, bib necklace will take this outfit from day to night,

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