Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Loose linen

I have a weakness for linen. Bedlinen, napkins, place mats, tablecloths... you name it, I've a drawer full of it.

{a small selection of my linen hoard}

In an effort to streamline and de-clutter my home, I had been thinking of how to put these items to good use. Now, how's this for an idea?

{drawstring bag made from two napkins}

A lovely drawstring bag made from a pair of napkins - one napkin for the front and one napkin for the back of the bag. Pin the two napkins together so that they don't move above. The beauty of using napkins is that you don't need to worry about hemming the edges, so you can sew the napkins with the right sides facing out (rather than inside out). Start by folding over about 1.5cm at the top edge on each napkin, to make a channel for the ribbon to be threaded through at the end. Sew along each fold.

{make a channel for the ribbon}

Then sew up the three edges (bottom and sides), leaving a small gap between the last stitch and the top of the bag.

{sew up the remaining three sides}

Take care at the corners.

{stitch right into the corners}
Then thread your ribbon through the channel you've made at the top, knot the ends, and Bob's your uncle.

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