Friday, 13 January 2012

In the frame

I find it quite hard to find nice (reasonably priced) pictures to go on my walls, but I do think that pictures maketh a room, so I am always on the look out. Also, getting pictures framed is mucho expensivo. I've done a few DIY jobs, but they always retain a slightly amateurish look, unless the picture is very small.

So, in 2011, fed-up by the growing pile of unframed prints, I decided to get one framed each month, when pay day came around.

For anyone living near Amersham, I have found Bespoke Framing, based on a random farm in the middle of nowhere. I think they are very good and very reasonable.

I tore off this anniversary fold-out magazine cover from Vogue about 4 years ago now I think, and I have been hoarding it ever since. I got it back from the framers the other day, and am a little bit over the moon with it.

{framed vogue cover from an anniversary edition}

The print was free (well, I paid for the magazine, but I'd have bought that anyway, regardless of the cover) and the framing was £35, which I don't think is too bad - the picture's larger than it looks from this photo.

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  1. That looks amazing! You are a real talent Lemonade Lady!