Monday, 23 January 2012

Have a blast

This hairdryer will change your life (ok, notably in quite a small way). Just down to the fact that it is very powerful, and hot, and will get your hair straighter that it's ever been before, in half the time of any of that Babyliss rubbish. The extra five minutes in the morning this gives you is invaluable, in my book.
This is the Porsche of the hairdryer world - once you've used this, there will be no going back. And the good news is that they last a long time - an excellent piece of machinery.

Go to the parlux website direct for the best prices on them. My model is the 3200.

{the Parlux 3200 - a friend for life}

Now, hairdryer storage I find can be a bit of a problem. I use mine every day, so need it to be easily accessible at all times - getting it out, and putting it away again, every day, is a faff. So I need to have it to hand in a Quick Draw McGraw fashion, and plugged in, ready to go - I have found that this basket from IKEA, kept under the chair, next to the power socket, is the ideal solution. It fits all my hair products and brushes in too.

{hairdryer storage solution}

Prepare to be blown away.

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  1. Im going to take the plunge and buy this on your recommendation - i'll leave a review once ive got it and started using it! x