Monday, 30 January 2012

Get your bling on

Nothing can cheer up these dull January days like a bit of bling. A few baubles about your person really help to give a sense of occasion to an outfit or event, and so I say pile them high.

I had spotted this necklace on the Topshop website just before Christmas. It was sold out, and despite searches of several local Topshops, plus a trek to the Oxford Circus store to hunt it down, I could not get hold of it for love nor money.

{Topshop necklace}

And then what turned up on ebay last week, brand new, for a tenner less that it was in the shop? Yep, you've guessed it:

I seem to be on a bit of a lucky necklace streak at the moment, because when I was away over New Year in Wales, I took myself on a tour of the local charity shops, and look at this necklace I found for £6 - I especially love to wear this with the red jumper which I picked up in the same chazzy for £4 - 100% wool, machine washable, and in a bright, cheery red.

{bright red crew neck jumper}

{gold, starfish and pearl necklace}

{nice nautical necklace}

A note about knitwear, especially when from a chazzy:-
- you need to know how much I love knitwear. It is by far one of my favourite purchases - I am inexplicably drawn to it, whatever shop I go in to, like a moth to a flame. Also, talking of moths, I once had those - I cried. My two favourite jigsaw jumpers which had been with me for years were past saving.

Still on knitwear:-
- always wash your clothes if you've worn them, before you put them back in the draw, even if they don't really need it. Or if you're going to wear the garment again, hang it up somewhere that isn't in your wardrobe. Do not put it straight back in your wardrobe because that will end in tears, believe me.

Last bit on knitwear:-
- there is a certain odour that one cannnot deny will linger on a charity shop garment. My secret weapon in this situation is Woolite.

{Woolite Hand & Machine Delicates Wash}

I have been sucked in by this product - mainly by its smell which is delightful, and will turn your whole drawer into a sensory delight for the nose.

I was sold on the claims on the back of the packaging: it will apparently prevent shrinking, stretching, fading, pilling, shape loss or colour loss. Sounds amazing - might start rubbing it into my face. But really, I do think it works, and if it'll make my knitwear last longer, and smell lovely, then I'm fine with that.

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