Sunday, 4 December 2011

What's your flavour?

I have recently discovered two new favourites from the Bahoma candle range (for more info on these candles, see my earlier blog post) - they are competing strongly for the number one position with Black Fig. 

These two new finds are:
Le Jardin - Pear, Cassis, Iris, Violet, Syringa, Carnation, Rose and Musk
Rose Mist - Rose, Geranium, Musk and Amber

And both were found for a TK Maxx red sticker price of £4 - tremendous! And an excellent stocking filler too.

{bargain Bahoma candles}

Have a sniff. x


  1. Holly! Liking the packaging and £4 price Tag. Iam just writing Spike my Christmas list from Santa and was going to ask for one of these lovely little numbers from Avoca.....but they are £16.95 so quite a difference. hmmmmmm what are the chances of getting Mike to bargin hunt through T-K Max. Think that one might have to be for me.


  2. Lazzle! Saw loads of these in a huge display at John Lewis in High Wycombe - love the packaging. Mike needs a trip to the Maxx with Popeye - he loves it, and can show him the