Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Do I take requests?

A friend emailed me yesterday, asking if I take requests on this blog. Well, hers was the first I had, so I thought, yes, why not? I'm game, bring it on.

So, her quest is for a pair of flat, leather ankle boots, to wear with skinny jeans - she is regularly found pounding the pavements of London, marching here there and everywhere, and this is her uniform of choice. Stylishly stylish. 

I became excited about the brief, having recently lost out on ebay to a very perfect pair of black leather, flat ankle boots from Zara, which they don't sell anymore. 

I quickly found that there are some traps to be avoided in the flat ankle boot world:
a) too many buckles can lead you down a theatrical swash-buckling path before you can can say "Captain Jack Sparrow"
b) lace-ups will make you look like you're playing the part of Nancy in Oliver Twist
c) brogue boots - refer to point b)
d) even a very slightly pointed toe will take you down the cowboy route

And so here's what I found - my money's on the ones from Zara.
Clarks Originals Boots in Navy Suede £49

I know! I don't know what I'm thinking about this last pair - I ummed and ahhed about these, and am aware of the fact that they look slightly ridiculous, like wetsuit boots, but they are navy (which is something of an obsession for me) and they are mega practical (look at those soles, they will have excellent grip) and I love a bit of Clarks. They might look better with a skirt than skinny jeans. They remind me of a pair my Nanna used to wear. Granny chic.

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  1. The Peter Jenson ones are nice, would be cool in a mens style