Friday, 9 December 2011

All wrapped up

{supplies at the ready}

I've got the presents sorted, it's now time to start the wrapping, which is a task I do not enjoy. It is quite, quite boring. Deciding what to wrap the presents in - that's good, but the executing of the task? Dull.

To aid my progress this year, I have splashed out on these Sellotape Spots which are worth the money, and speed things up a treat. 

{Emma Bridgewater Starry Skies Tissue Paper}

I've decided on a red and white paper theme, with red and white candy stripe paper from M&S for a mere pound, and red paper with white stars on, which was one of my last purchases from high-street hero Woolworths (SOB!). For more delicate items, I have splurged on this tissue paper by Emma Bridgewater, which is red stars on a cream background.

The ribbon is plain white satin from good old John Lewis, with cardboard luggage tabs from Rymans.

{Muji Alphabet Stamp Set, 7.95}
I've used a "Christmas" ink stamp, with a dictionary definition on it for my gift tags, which I found in a random old-fashioned stationery shop in Cheltenham, but this one is similar. And my A-Z ink letter stamps from Muji never fail to come in handy.

Get your wrap on.

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  1. I find that silver foil is a great alternative wrapping paper to avoid all the fuss