Thursday, 10 November 2011

Time for a Tunnock's

Working from home today, and what could be better for a mid-morning snack, as a break from all my hard graft?

What's not to love about these little snacky treats? The name, Tunnock's Teacakes - tick. The packaging - tick. The chocolate, marshmallow and biscuit - tick, tick, tick. And did you know they also do them in dark chocolate? Well they do, and they are fine.

And I have found someone who shares my love of this stylish confectionery brand. Gillian Kyle is a textile designer, living in Glasgow, and has paid homage to the majestic tea cake through her work. I'll have a pack of the cards thanks, and a print too if you're asking:

Nom nom nom x.


  1. I love Tunnocks! Mike and I just got through a pack last week. Fluffy yummy delights. x

  2. Have the teatowel! Totally love all her stuff!

    (also love Tunnocks teacakes of course. And the caramel wafers!) x