Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Strictly sequins

Maybe it's because the season of glitter and gaudiness is approaching, or our weekly dose of Brucie and chums on a Saturday night, but I suddenly seem to be drawn to all things sequined.

And the high-street hero who can cater for this mapie-like trait? Zara, which in my book, is on a roll this season.

I think the best ways to do sequins is with accessories, or buying vintage. Gold sequins are definitely my preferred option - they look more chic - and if you're looking at clothing, combining them with cream is a stylish option. For accessories, try this gold sequin clutch from Zara, £29.99 - it's billed as a wallet, but is definitely large enough to use as a clutch:

Or if fancy footwork's more your thing, how about these gold sequin ballet pumps again from Zara, £49.99? The lining is 100% goat skin, so they'll be a comfortable wear, as well as a good look:

If you'd like to embrace this look with more than just accessories, keep restraint on your side. For a more casual sequined look, this t-shirt is a good day to night option, with a touch of French chic, made of viscose, from River Island, £22:

But my money's on this sequin sweat-shirt, reduced in the sale at Oasis to £30, and is 100% cotton:

For a vintage look, your best bet is the charity shops - I've lost count of the number of heavy, seqined and beaded dresses, capes and t-shirts I've seen. Here's a black vest by Frank Usher which I picked up a couple of weeks ago, for just £4 :

Shine on. x

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