Thursday, 3 November 2011

Spider plant - the real super hero

So, we all know that spending long periods at your desk isn't good for you - bad for your eyes, bad for your posture, and then there's all the talk about the emissions from your computer. Now, I don't know much about these emissions, but I do know that they are best avoided, and here's what you can do to fight the good fight against them: get yourself a spider plant. And put it on your desk. There are a few different varities of plants which will protect you from your computer emissions, but I like the humble old spider plant because:

a)  it is cheap (I got mine from Homebase for £3.49 but look out for them at charity plant sales, car boots sales, jumble sales)
b) because it is almost impossible to kill them.

The spider plant will also reduce other toxins which exist in the home, like formaldehyde (from carpets, plywood, flatpack furniture and insulation materials) whose effects can range from mild eye, nose and throat irritations to more serious conditions. Blimey.

Here's mine on my desk:

{hello Spidey}

Apparently the way to care for a spider plant is to leave it alone, only watering it when it looks half-dead. Sounds simple enough. 

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