Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dotty P - you're a Christmas cracker

I've been trying to start my Christmas shopping, well done me. My friends and I have got into the tradition of buying each other a little gift every Christmas - something lovely, but fairly inexpensive, as it's quite a large group to buy for. Every year, it's a bit of a challenge to find good, reasonably priced presents, but I happened to stumble on the following when I was trying to search for the perfect navy lace dress for Christmas - Dorothy Perkins had one which looked lovely on the website, but just didn't fit well when it turned up.

But these little trinkets have sorted me right out. Bling-a-ling!

Coral oval stud earrings - £2 from Dotty P's

Facet stone cocktail ring - £8.50 from Dotty P's

 Navy rope knot necklace - £10 from Dotty P's

Beaded knot necklace - £6.25 from Dotty P's

Facet glass band ring - £5 from Dotty P's
Facet ball ring - £3.75 from Dotty P's

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