Saturday, 12 November 2011

Depression glass with class

So, on my wanderings around vintage shops up and down the land, I'll often come across dressing table sets, made from glass, which include trays, candlesticks and powder jars. They'll often be in shades of pink or green, made from heavy, patterned glass. They're not for me these sets, as though they are nice to look at, I'm not sure I'd ever use one.

However, a recent jaunt to a charity shop near me, found me purchasing a glass tray from one of these sets, for just £1.50, because it was all one its lonesome, without its candlestick and powder jar friends. As soon as I saw it, I knew what I'd use it for - I'd been using a little wooden tray next to our cooker, to stand the greasy olive oil bottle on, plus our salt & pepper grinders, which leave a trail of salt and pepper wherever they go. But the tray was getting a little icky, but a glass tray - well, that would be the perfect, very wipeable solution. Sold. Got it home, set it up, and I am feeling pretty smug with my arrangery.

{kitchen organisation station}

Spurred on, I realised that a similar tray would be ever so useful next to my bed, to organise the myriad of pots and jars of potions and lotions I hoard there. I bided my time, and before long, this little green number reared its lovely head. I pounced on it, whisked it home (paid for it first, mind) and got my products set up on it before you could say cleanse, tone and moisture. Ta-da:

{products standing to attention}

My research has informed me that this type of glassware is called "Depression Glass". It was made during the Depression, and is characterised by its art-deco pattern and the heaviness of the glass.

Available in all good charity shops.

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  1. Amazing. My Nanna used to have one exactly like that with her creams in. Fond memories, good spot.