Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Carey does colour

I a little bit love Carey Mulligan. If she's in a film, you're guaranteed it's a good'un. And she has great hair - especially when she sports a quiff. And she wears GREAT outfits. She always looks different from everyone else, in a good way.

And I like what she does with colour - not for her, the run-of-the-mill long red or black dresses of the red carpet.

Here are a few of my favourites:

{great colour combination}

{pulling off "Colman's mustard" yellow}

{excellent blue shoes}

Now, I know what you're thinking about the outfit on the right - "it's not colour". Well I know, but look at the shoes people, the shoes! They are blue! What a stroke of genius, to team a blue shoe with this outfit. Completely transforms it, maintaining the stylish, classy feel of the outfit, but giving it a modern twist. It's perfect.

So I've been a little bit inspired by this look, and have been teaming some blue accessories to great affect with my some of my existing black and white clothes. It's an easy and simple way to update your wardrobe - will post pics of the outfits anon!

These are also two great examples of how to work the midi-length, even if you are not blessed with super-model height. I've never met Carey Mulligan in the flesh (imagine!) but if I did, I think she'd be pocket-sized, and so if she can pull it off, so can we all. The highest of heels help, by the looks of it.

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