Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Boots: the sequel

Those of you who have been with Lemonade Pockets since the start, will be aware of the ordeal I'm having trying to find the perfect pair of tan leather boots for the winter. Here's an update...

Prince2 Topshop boots - I think I have been black-listed by Customer Services as a nuisance caller. Having located a pair in their Knightsbridge store, Customer Services were transferring them to my local store. However, they are now mysteriously lost in transit. My daily calls to them have resulted in them telling me that there is a health and safety issue with the heel of all pairs of the Prince2 boots, and they all have to be recalled. Hmmm....

In the meantime, I had ordered the ASOS Cleo Leather Plain Long Pull On Boots which have gone down to £42 in the sale. Now these are a nice boot, but I have rather pencil-like ankles, which meant that these were just way too baggy in that area, and looked too welly-ish. They've been sent back. Shame.

The other boots I'd mentioned, the Porto Riding Boots from Schuh, have also now gone in the sale, and are £59.99, with free standard delivery too.

So, anyway, imagine my delight today when I found out that the Zara Flat Boot Sole XL are back in stock on their website. Placed the order with trembling hands and am now awaiting arrival. Marv.

Another style I had been coveting on the Zara website, which were also out of stock, were their Flat Boot with Fringes:
Now, I thought about these carefully. I love them, big time. But careful consideration of my day-to-day activities led me to the realisation that after a few days, I would be dragging round a matted mess of muddy, soggy tassels behind me, perhaps giving the impression that I had a small, dead animal attached to my heel. Not a great look. But if your other half is pre-disposed to Sir Walter Raleigh type behaviour, or you spend most of your days at red-carpet style bashes, hopping straight from car to bar, then these boots will be just cracking.

Hurry up postie.

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