Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fruits of my lunch hour

I love a good rummage in a charity shop, or what my Liverpool roots would have me refer to as a "chazzy" - the habit of adding an "e" to the end of every word is a hard one to shake, and a fond one to keep hold of. If you asked me what my hobbies are, chazzing would be top of my list.

So, I have moved many times in the past few years, and one benefit of this is finding new chazzing territory. My new job (been there a month now) has found me a fresh patch, and I had my first foray today, which rewarded me with this find:

Navy leather, with a 4 inch heel by Lilley & Skinner, with a subtle scalloped edge on the inner and outer of the shoe, for a mere £3. Winner. Lilley & Skinner gives me found memories of day trips to Southport, when mum would drag us into Russell & Bromley, where they stocked L&S, to have a good look through the sale racks. As she would say, they're a good make.

Happy chazzing x.

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